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Meet your Zest Dermatologist and receive comprehensive care to end itching, prevent flare-ups, and take back control.
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Virtual Visits

Get treatment from an eczema or psoriasis provider when you need it. Your care team is always a chat or video call away. We know your flares can't wait, so you can always expect responses within one business day.

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Expert Care

We are dedicated to providing psoriasis and eczema relief and at low cost. Our care team helps you find solutions that not only give you quick relief for your flares, but also support long-term control for your condition.

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Beyond the Skin

We are at your side to manage and treat the root causes of your symptoms. Learn strategies to improve insomnia, manage stress, or avoid environmental triggers for a comprehensive approach to disease management.


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“1000 times better than it's ever been. Even my mom said...your skin is looking so good! It's miraculous.”


“If I have a new outbreak, its not the end of the world. With Zest, managing my disease now is so much easier. My disease and I co-habitate a little bit better.”


“My Zest team is so empathetic, helpful, knowledgeable, and personable!”


“I feel as if I will finally get relief from my scalp psoriasis.”


“Very convenient and not rushed. My provider is informative on different treatments and assessed me for any known triggers. They took time to ask me questions to help provide a holistic treatment.”

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Founder & CEO

Rachel Day, MD

VP, Clinical